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Stady App @Stady LLC

* Due to confidentiality agreement, detailed data can not be shown.

Role: Co-founder & Designer

Company: Stady LLC 

Tool: Sketch, Figma, Protopie

Date: May 2020

Sensing the growing trend toward remote work, I co-founded Stady LLC, an e-learning company that offered online tutoring sessions and open study rooms to college students around the world via our website and mobile app, in 2019 with a group of talented entrepreneurs, engineers, and designers from top institutions. Our mission was to build a community that fosters students’ self-discipline within remote environments via altruistic behavior. The research process lasted about half a year: Our team held weekly meetings to share user research, competitor analysis, A/B testing results, and interactive prototypes, so that we could create a system capable of achieving our mission. We first offered online tutoring sessions via our website. Later during Covid-19 pandemic, we developed Stady App, a Mini Program implanted in WeChat, and received support from Tongji University and Tsinghua University——— by earning a virtual currency we designed for Stady called Mangosteen through self-studying, students can buy cat food for stray cats in those universities.

It is worth noticing that our App holds five intellectual properties, including two CS software copyrights. Stady App is also honorably featured by Huawei AppGallery since its debut.

* Due to confidentiality agreement, detailed data can not be shown.


Pre-3 2.png

Mangosteen System

We designed a currency system called Mangosteen: users could buy cat food for stray cats with Mangosteen earned by self-studying. Through the system, Stady had successfully encouraged and fostered positive user behaviors for favorable social outcomes.

(* Due to the confidentiality agreement, more detailed data can not be shown.


2020 Covid Love

When Covid-19 first affected the United States in February 2020, most people don't have essential medical supplies to keep them away from the virus. Stady team quickly launched a campaign to support college students with free masks: two masks attached to one Stady brochure. We collaborated with many student unions including Boston University, New York University, and Columbia University, in order to reach those in need. 

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